A Week in Chastity Princess Lynn Long JOI Clips 4K

Release Year: 2021

"Hi slave…I have a very strong desire to put you in chastity…for…a week, at least…I want to make you cry…I want you to suffer…cause you really deserve that…do you deserve that? I want to HEAR the answer. Yes WH…

Release Year: 2021

"Hi slave...I have a very strong desire to put you in chastity...for...a week, at least...I want to make you cry...I want you to suffer...cause you really deserve that...do you deserve that? I want to HEAR the answer. Yes WHAT? I can't hear you! LOUDER. Good...so, lets start...Oh, I forgot...each time you see this perfect feet, you get hard...what should I do with you? Maybe I should just cut it off? No?"

This amazing, unique video contains a full week session with the gorgeous princess Lynn. A full 7 days...and in each day, Lynn will tease you further and further into a complete frenzy, bordering on madness. You can watch this video in one excruciating sit (cheating, Lynn doesn't like that...) or you can follow her instructions to the word, and watch each day when the time comes. Either way - you're about to experience one of the most intense pov chastity-foot-edging sessions of your life!

DAY 1: soles on background, mesmerize joi, cum countdown, getting into chastity

DAY 2: Face close-up, soles on background, tease & denial, edging (in chastity)

DAY 3: Foot-fetish, foot teasing, nylons, toes (in chastity edging)

DAY 4: Hypno/mesmerize tease & denial (mercy day = no feet)

DAY 5: Extreme toes and toenails close-up edging/tease & denial (in chastity)

DAY 6: High heels edging

DAY 7: Extreme feet joi/edging, toes, toe wiggling, cum countdown

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:02:05
Video: 3840x2160, AVC (H.264), 9761kbps
Audio: 309kbps

File size: 4.5 GB